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HCD Research will use its website to obtain an accurate measure of which American Idol contestants should move on during the weekly singing competition.

Unlike the flawed American Idol voting system, which allows people to vote numerous times, our study will employ a one-person, one-vote methodology which only allows voters to cast their opinion once!

By registering, you will have the opportunity to evaluate the performances of the contestants and have the chance to earn cash incentives for future studies. The results from the season-long study will be released to the media the morning after each episode is aired.

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American Idol Study Details:

  • Registrants will receive a survey invitation by email after the American Idol episodes.
  • Polling will begin once the top 24 competitors are chosen.
  • Studies will consist of polls asking which contestant should win. Each poll will take approximately one minute to complete.
  • New participants on our panel will receive 300 cash-incentive points for completing the registration poll and have the chance to earn points for future studies. For more information regarding our point system and cash-outs, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions.