HCD Research is a marketing and communications research company that was founded in 1991. HCD Research focuses solely on providing traditional and e-based marketing and communications research services. HCD Surveys Panel was created by HCD Research in 2005. The panel was created in order to quickly reach the people our clients would like to survey. We pride ourselves on excellent panel membership relationships and look forward to your participation in our surveys.

The company's web-based research combines classical and sophisticated research techniques with innovative on-line applications that enable HCD Research to obtain comprehensive, meaningful data for customers.

A pioneer in Internet marketing and communications research, HCD Research has designed and implemented research studies for numerous large and mid-sized companies in the pharmaceutical, financial services and publishing industries, among others. HCD Research is also the developer of readmylipz.com, a political ad testing web site for the 2004 Presidential campaign.

In addition to our traditional and Internet marketing research services, we provide other web-based marketing and sales applications, as well as other custom marketing services.

HCD Research is comprised of experienced research professionals who work with clients to define requirements and design, and implement programs that will help them meet their promotional objectives. Our staff has extensive experience in all phases of advertising research, including recruiting participants, designing survey questionnaires, obtaining objective data and compiling data into comprehensive reports.

To learn more about HCD Research, please visit our corporate site at http://www.hcdi.net/

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